Sobre as aulas / About the Classes

Informações adicionais

Classes with Xico :  Inspired in Ashtanga yoga / Aulas inspiradas no método de Ashtanga yoga 

Classes with Thany : Inspired in Ayurvedic approach / Aulas inspiradas em uma abordagem Ayurvedica 

Classes with Masha : Awareness through movement / Consciência pelo movimento 

Em poucas palavras:  Não há melhor forma de conhecer as nossas aulas do que vir experimentar.  è só ligar a confirmar a presença 

In a few words : The best way to understand our classes is coming and trying out one class. Confirm your presence 

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É Curioso como a meditação se torna uma constante presença : Não há um fim nem um princípio para ela. è como uma gota de chuva : Nela estão todos os regatos , os grandes rios, os mares e as quedas de água.... A gota de chuva alimenta a terra e o homen ; sem ela, a terra seria uma deserto . Sem meditação, Também o coração se torna um deserto, um lugar abandonado.  ( J . Krishnamurti )  

Teachers Biography

7 days immersion / Intensivos de 7 dias


June 17-23 Ashtanga yoga and Feldenkrais

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July 8 - 14 Ashtanga Yoga Immersion My Practice

September 7-13 Ashtanga Yoga Immersion. My Practice

October 7- 13 Ashtanga Yoga Immersion. My Practice

My practice:  We invite you to take a break from your normal routine. 7 days starting the day with meditation and yoga. Understanding how to build up your own  yoga practice in order to take home a new set of  tools to improve your life. Based on the principles of posture and gravity, movement and breathing, focus and meditation.   

Extra Activities.

Rock climbing


Amazing rock climbing 

 If you are a beginner or a experienced climber you will find the most beautiful boulder and sport climbing areas close by us.



Surf lessons and boogie boarding lessons, transportation and all the guiar you need.



Xico spends most of his free time farming. There is always different tasks to be done. It's a great way to learn hands-on and spend some time outside. If you are interested in learning Xico´s methods of natural farming you are welcome to join our farming team

Life style

Deep in to a different lifestyle and experience a life changing refreshing time .


Our location is unique, allowing us to live a life that we always dreamed of. On a valley that looks down to the ocean and up to the forest, we grow our food and do yoga every day. Keeping us healthy and relaxed to enjoy our lives. Most of us here either Surf, Rock climb or do another outdoor sport from childhood. Living adventure sports as a way to connect with the mountain and the ocean. 

Finally, Lisbon center being only minutes away provides the sophisticated aspects of a great city keeping us culturally updated 

During our immersions, we offer you the opportunity to join us in living these dream life.  As a group and depending on the season and uniqueness of each immersion you can expect to have a beautiful energetic and rejuvenating day every day. We became a community working as a team to have an amazing experience. 

Where to stay

There are several places to stay walking distance from us. The closest village is called Malveira da Serra and Janes.

Any house or hotel in these areas is ok to walk to our farm.  But you can stay also in Charneca, Guincho or even in Cascais. Five minutes car drive from us or 15/20  minutes bicycle. 

Lisbon is 25 minutes and Sintra center also 20 Minutes. 

You are welcome to call us or send us an email with questions about places you are thinking of staying. 

Staying at the farm  camping its also an an option . 

+351 910663767