About Us



Sintra as always been a mysterious place. Hiding the most precious rocks. Do you need directions, a guide ?



Sport climbing

Do you have vertigo ? 

Great . 

Lets do it .


Loved by nature

Nature give´s us everything. She is green and pink, Yellow and Purple she feed´s us and loves us. In return i learn to  protect her and inspire other to do so. 

For me the meaning for rock climbing is more  than overcoming our  limits. Rock climbing  is a way of connecting and being closer to nature. Support respect and love nature. 

We go rockclimbing every day

Sintra Boulder and Sport climbing


We are walking distance from many boulder sectors and 5 m car drive to sport climbing 

Boulder sintra


Here you can find a description of all the sectors. The closest to us are Malveira , Dinausauros, satan satan, kattana wall , and pedra amarela 

Roots Eco- Camp