Our love for nature is shared in different ways Calendar

July 6th


 We offer to all yogis or any one interested in movement a day to experience the art of learning how to move with more efficiency and to train the body to unknot the  conditions of movement created by a life of repetitions. Challenging your mind to learn new  ways to move.  

Chocoláctica July 7th


Did you know that you can use cacao in many different desserts. 

Don't miss these opportunity to start the day with a yoga class followed by a great time learning  to make beautiful deserts with the Claire-Marie the founder of chocoláctica. 

Yoga and Surf July 8th


If you are a surfer or if you never did surf you are  perfect to join us.

Pulsations of the sea to challenge and connect with your inner pulsations  

Yoga and rock climbing July 9th


Whether you are a rock climber or whether you never tried. Quinta do xico is offering you the opportunity to enjoy a day with both yoga and rock climbing.