Our Amazing team

Xico Rodrigues


International teacher , practicing yoga since very young, he as a vast experience with body work, adventurous person dedicated to many nature related sports. 

Spent his 20s learning yoga close to his teachers , living in India and dedicating his life to yoga.

Even though Xico is an advanced series practitioner for more than 10 years. He spends most of his time practicing meditation and soft yoga postures in order to find the balance necessary to go deep in to learning about the body and mind. 

Authorized Level 2 

KPJ Ashtanga yoga Institute 

Movement studies with Ido Portal 

And in Portugal with Origani 

And continues studies on every type of Yoga, Movement and outdoors sports . 

Thany Prates


Thany is part of Global Manu Hatha Yoga School and as been working along her partner Xico in creating unique Yoga sequences to support students in their practice and in their lives  

Thany believes in a functional yoga, which integrates to serve your life and daily tasks.

Her style is dynamic and precise, while maintaining a grounded focus on each individual's psychologic and emotional makeup.

She was a brasilian jiu jitsu national champion and is an avid surfer. She has trained with manuyogaschool and is an assistant in his teacher training program as well as skilfully assisting in xico.rodrigues classes.

Ayurveda is another field of work. She uses all the benefits of this science on her in classes, personal advice and treatments.



Masha is a yogi, rock climber and nature lover currently residing between Portugal and Spain. She teaches her unique and transformative classes and retreats across Europe 

Masha is a certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement teacher and is the local organizer of the Feldenkrais Teacher Training in Portugal. 

She is continuously seeking to fine-tune her knowledge of anatomy, alignment and the mind-body connection. 

Masha speaks 9 languages almost fluently and enjoys teaching in multiple languages. 

Claire-Marie Landré


Her first contact with this amazing tree and its fruit was in Bali, Indonesia.

She saw the fruit grow wild and tasted cacao nibs and raw chocolate for the first time.

It made a lasting impact.


The real LOVE AFFAIR started while She lived in Ecuador.

She was amazed by the mystic, wild amazon and the thousands of cacao trees in their natural habitat.

During those years she indulged in the best cacao in the world. She learned about the history, use, processing and benefits and started using and experimenting with this age old ingredient.

She found inspiration for her recipes from traveling and learning about (sometimes lost) traditions of cooking from different cultures. She is especially amazed by the science of Ayurveda and how food, nature and humans are innately connected.

When she is not in the kitchen, She is usually practicing yoga or having fun with her friends rock climbing or bouldering. 

Amazing Yoga teacher and practitioner, Claire can do the most difficult yoga postures with amazing elegance and grace