Timber Frame intenssive

Intenssive Building

Timber Frame intensive Building 

10 days 

All you need to know to create a stable structure. 

You will also learn how to make a natural roof and how to make a unique natural filling for the walls. 

Our Goal

It's possible to build up a structure in one day. But you need nine days to prepare it

Ten days that will change your concept of building with natural materials. 

The Art of working and learning with the Master

These Intense 10 days will be practical. Students will learn directly from our building Master and they will perform the techniques directly on the wood. 

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Our Teacher



11 Year experience building timber frame.

International teacher and also our constructor has worked in several different countries in North America and Europe. Natural from Portugal Ruka is inspired by the uniqueness of each structure and how to adapt these with perfectionism and beauty according to the natural surrounding.  



Light straw and clay feeling for the walls 

Time and space to learn


The intensive is located at a farm that is 5 m away from the ocean, inside a natural reserve. With amazing food and a great team to welcome you.