June 17-23

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive and Feldenkrais Meditation Through Movement

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

Dinacharya (Daily routine for yoga practice & Meditation)

8h Yoga (Mysore, my practice ) 2h

12 h Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) 1h

Tuesday and Thursday 

8-9h Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) 1h

10 am Yoga (Mysore, my practice) 2h

Saturday 22

8:30 Meditation

9h Led Class 

15h Theory workshop (Gravity) 

 - Gravity center 

 - Stability 

- Tendons ligaments and muscles 

 - Mulha Bandha

 - Apana Vayu 

 - Shakti

Sunday 23

8:30 Meditation

9h Led Class

11h Theory workshop (Movement) 

 - Breathing and energy  

 - Body movement -Articulations and muscles development 

 - Movement of thoughts & Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

 - Samana Vayu- Uddiyana Bandha - Prãna and Prãnayama 

Contribution and Registration

Contribution is 255€ 

To register you need to send us an email to or whats App at +351910663767 

About the Teachers

Yoga Intensive

Yoga, Meditation & Feldenkrais

Ever morning you will do Meditation and Yoga.  The intention is to have you practicing a personalized yoga sequence that best works according to your unique and individual body mind and routine

Amazing nature

After classes you can bring your food and enjoy nature and our water tanque to bath. Surf lessons rock climbing and farming are always available

Amazing community

 We support a spirit of Community and Family. Having different activities together and sometimes cooking and spending most of the days together. Getting to know different people from different parts of the world with different habits and education 

Jully 6 - 12

Ashtanga Yoga, Permaculture, Chocolate and Adventure

Schedule : 

  Morning : Meditation , And Yoga Practice ( Mysore ,or Led class )

  Brunch : Pot Luck , Sharing and cooking together. 

Afternoon : 

-  1 day Yoga Workshop : Gravity and Movement and Focus 

-  2 day  Intro Permaculture by certified teacher George Christofis of Circle Permaculture: Introduction to permaculture - Building a hot compost or fermentation.

-  3 day lets go surfing 

-  4 day Chocolate making with Chocoláctica founder Claire.


-  5 day  Lets go Rock climbing. 

-  6 day, Good by brunch ceremony. 




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Contribution is 260€ 

To register you need to send us an email to or whats App at +351910663767 

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