Ashtanga yoga immersion

Dates ( coming soon )


Sunday and Saturday 

Led Class 8:30 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

Mysore style 8:30

Tuesday and Thusday

Mysore style 10 am  

Workshops / Private


Sunday  and Saturday  

Empowering your practice, body and soul.

Yoga practice as a way to break rules.



-    Integrating the three principles of Ayurveda into asana


-    Creating a stable posture, raising and storing your energy 


-    Strengthening your body requires a focused mind

-    Defying gravity and your limits with spiritual and muscular intelligence 

Saturday : Each student as a private class with xico . 30 m 

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Stay or not at our farm

You can choose to stay here at our amazing farm or return everyday.

Where : Bring your own tent 

The house will be open for you to spend your time cook with us and relax. 

We  farm and rock climbing every day. You are welcome to join us . 

On the weekends


We are all beginners. 

Don't feel shy to come to these class even if you have done yoga before. 

The foundations of posture and energy through the practice of  Ashtanga yoga.

Exploring how yoga is a unique tool for any person to improve the quality of life at any age, at any time independent of who you are or what you want to gain from these practices. 

Mysore Style

Ashtanga yoga sequence. Practiced as it is traditional. 

Yoga offers many tools to become stronger in all aspect of our being. Each body and mind is unique. Therefore each person need a different approach to their yoga practice. Mysore style is the traditional whay ashtanga is thought in India. It requires some study of the sequence that is thought to you but most of all it requires that you practice at least 2x a week. Only in these way you can go deep in to understanding how great you are and how you can became greater at being a better You. 


Sopra vento..... livre mente



Yoga Class 

10:00 am to 12 pm 


Yoga Class 

10:00 am to 12 pm 

Beginners are welcome

Please call to book your class. 


Private classes  : 91063767 

Francisco Rodrigues

By Sri KPJ Ashtanga yoga institute , Mysore India, 

Practicing yoga since very young, he as a vast experience and its proud to always be a fanatic nature lover as well a an adventurous person dedicated to many nature related sports. 

Spent his 20s learning yoga close to his teachers , living in India and dedicating his life to yoga.

Advanced series practitioner for  more than 10 years. 

Authorized teacher  

Level 2

Yoga is for me a way of playing with energies. An everyday dance where I align the energies within me and nature. Its fun and very introspective. I don't believe in pain as a good way to do yoga. Yoga is an art form and expression of your being. Ashtanga yoga is a set of tools that have been carried from generation to generation and that have arrived in my life when I was young.  The way I try to pass on ashtanga yoga is through love, care, and technique. Using the Ayurveda Principles in order to name the energies that are worked on the physical and mental level,  Understanding where and how you are and how you can improve the energy of your body and mind.  having a clear intention for life.


At these farm there is space and time to reconnect with what is most important in life.  Beautiful and unique farm between the ocean and the magical forest of Sintra. Where nature is wild and free. 

Here i learn about nature. An infinite book of knowledge.


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