Yoga Nature and Adventure

Life style and experiences 

that can change your life.

Yoga Nature and Adventure

Life style and experiences 

that can change your life.




With yoga you start the ritual to understand about the body that takes you through life. Freeing yourself from sickness lack of energy and bad habits.  

 You create more energy, to continue the process of life . 

Its not yoga that makes your go forward, its being strong to keep on your path being true to yourself. Yoga gives you foundations but its in you to keep evolving and not back on a circle. we are DNA not a round circle. 

Being real is what that makes you real. Be responsible for what you are to your philosophy of life. Accept others as they are. Change yourself first. Be the proof of what you defend. 

Nature and adventure


Surrounded by the most magical forest and ocean. Rock climbing, surfing, hiking and mountain biking are some of the different ways of connecting with nature.. 

Challenging your fears and demons is most times a good way to bring you back to the moment ... to the earth 

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Support each other, nature and animals. 

Grow and learn about creating new ways of living and how to use available materials to expand everyday towards a better and more sustainable lifestyle. Happier, more logic and real.  

The goal is to help and learn. Sharing and supporting our families, children and  animals.

In relation to nature I would love to protect this valley . Here all the animals hide from the city and from deforestation. They find peace. I love to take care of the trees the bushes that are already existing here. Plant more native trees and work with less gasoline and instead create opportunities for people to enjoy nature by working along with nature.


How to get here .... Como Chegar até nós

Public Transportation

Train to cascais. 

Bus to Malveira  da serra N 402 & 403

stop by restaurant Farta pão 

From Lisbon Aprox 1h

If you share a taxi from cascais is cheaper than by bus. Around 5 €

By Car

 Oposto ao restaurante Farta pão, Rua da Pedra azul, onde encontrará a Rua Ribeira da vinha. Seguir para o caminho de terra e os sinais direção janes 

Chegar a quinta dos urmais.

Se te perderes liga 910663767

Opposite to rest Farta pão. find Street Rua da Pedra azul and then Rua Ribeira da vinha after just folow the sighns to Janes:) walk for 5m in to the nature and arrive at quinta dos urmais.... if lost call 910663767 

Into the wild

You can chose to stop the car and come walking (7m) from Rua da pedra azul. Its beautifull walk .

Podes caminhar desde a rua da pedra azul é uma experiência linda. 

Segue os sinais.